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Inkjet Labels

Explore the technical prowess of our Inkjet labels, tailored for compatibility with a range of printers. The specialised coating ensures optimal ink absorption, resulting in impeccable print quality and high resolution. These labels come in diverse finishes: gloss, satin, matte, gold, silver, and more. For robust applications, inquire about our marine-grade polypropylene options.

About Inkjet Labels

Embrace the benefits of Inkjet labels, offering print-on-demand flexibility, vibrant colors, and stunning resolution. Enjoy the versatility of various finishes to enhance your brand aesthetics. However, note that for high-volume needs, pre-printed labels may be more cost-effective, as Inkjet material can be pricier. Contact us to discuss the ideal solution for your unique requirements.


Marine Grade Inkjet material 

Designed for Inkjet printing, our gloss white labels deliver exceptional print quality with vibrant colours and high resolution. The on-demand printing capability allows for flexible and efficient production, catering to your specific needs. Whether for shipping, product identification, or compliance labeling, UPM Raflatac's BS5609-certified labels provide a trusted solution for marine applications. Elevate your labeling standards with our proven and reliable materials.

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