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The supplier of choice for all your packaging and consumable needs.

Our product range has everything you need to protect and package your items. Our packing tape provides a secure hold to keep your items safe and our bespoke boxes are perfect for making your packages stand out. Our pallet wraps firmly hold your products in place and protect them from dust and moisture and our shrink film is available in vast options.

We also offer modular building covers, scaffold shrink wrap, and shrink wrap tape to protect buildings, scaffolding, and other structures. Our shrink wrap gun, shrink wrap clips, and shrink wrap door make installation and removal of shrink wrap a breeze. For agricultural purposes, we have an agricultural stretch wrap, silage film, polytunnel film, ventilated stretch film, mulch film, and horticultural bags. furthermore, liners, pallet bags, polybags, saw bags, and extraction bags. With such a wide range of products, you're sure to find the right packaging solution for your needs.

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All products are sold directly through our sales team. Get started by contacting our sales team.

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